Top 10 Online Bachelor in Business Administration Degrees

best online BBA degrees

If you want to make business decisions someday, you’ll need to know how businesses work. That goes for aspiring entrepreneurs and future Fortune 500 executives alike. A BBA teaches you how the fields of accounting, management, human resources, economics, marketing, and operations overlap in business.

Whether you want to be a generalist or a specialist, a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science in business administration can make you a valuable asset to any organization.

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The Top 8 Online Master of Theology (ThM) Degrees


Your theological education doesn’t have to end with your Master of Divinity. If you’ve completed your MDiv or an equivalent degree program, you can continue equipping yourself for ministry (or theological education) with a Master of Theology degree.

A Master of Theology (ThM) is a post graduate degree for those wishing to do advanced theological research. It generally takes one to two years to complete, and it’s the minimum credential required for teaching in many accredited seminaries and Bible colleges.

Whether you’re a pastor looking to sharpen your understanding of a particular theological area or you’re still exploring your options in ministry, a ThM degree could be the next step for you. Many ThM programs lead into specializations or emphases, allowing you to customize your education based on your gifts and calling.

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Top 10 Online Bachelor in Human Resource Management Degrees

best online human resources management undergrad degree

Human resources professionals are responsible for managing a company’s most important assets: its people. HR managers are deeply involved in the process of hiring great talent, firing the duds, and making sure the stars keep moving up.

But that’s not all an HR leader does. They’re often the people that companies trust to make sure their people are treated fairly, in accordance with all the laws surrounding employment. In fact, HR leaders are often responsible for making sure companies “cover their butts” so-to-speak from a legal, ethical, and business perspective.

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Top 10 Online Accounting Bachelor’s Degrees

best online accounting degrees undergrad

Accounting is often referred to as “the language of business.” Skilled accountants use standardized methods to translate financial data into information that business leaders, investors, employees, government officials, and individuals can use to communicate with their teams and make important decisions. Far from paper-pushers, accountants play integral roles in:

  • Banks
  • Private companies
  • Non-profits
  • Insurance companies
  • Government agencies

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Top 9 Online Graphic Design Degrees

online graphic design schools

Take a look at some of the most successful tech companies of our time and you’ll notice they all have something obvious in common: stellar design. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Disney, and Google need elegant websites, apps, and media—and to get these, they need talented designers. A degree in graphic design helps you tap into the software, tools, and concepts design professionals use lto:

  • Design visually compelling websites
  • Craft clear, useful signage, infographics, ads, apps, and more
  • Communicate brand in every piece of media
  • Create animations
  • Produce digital works of art
  • And more . . .

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6 proven ways to rank for any search term, and how to choose the right one [Infographic]


We all have at least one golden search term or keyword we’d love to rank for—and we’ve all heard plenty of different people telling us their secret front-page-of-Google formulas. It gets a little dizzying keeping all the approaches straight.

So, I made in infographic mapping out not one, but six strategies that real-life people (including me!) have used to rank for specific keywords. This draws on advice and examples from Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Buffer, Noah Kagan, and a few others, plus a little flow-chart magic from Laura Kranz (my wife and partner at GradLime).Continue reading →

How to write blog posts VIPs love to share

One of the worst feelings in the world of inbound marketing and enrollment is to write an incredible blog post, publish it, share it, and then … crickets.

I actually just shuddered a little bit thinking about it. (Because I have been there way, way too many times!)

It’s a lot better when the opposite happens: when you experience the thrill of seeing an expert in your space share and promote your content for you. This piece will give you a practical, actionable approach to writing and designing the kind of content that VIPs love to share with your audience.


Infographic by Laura Kranz

Tools you will need

Apart from the standards like a word processor, email, and Google’s search engine, I recommend using Buzzsumo to pull these strategies off. You can use the free version for the strategies I outline here, but trust me: the paid version makes this even easier to do.

Let’s begin!

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