The Top 34 Online Seminary Degrees You Can Earn in 2019


If you’re looking for an online seminary degree, you have a lot of options. There are dozens of seminary degrees at the masters level alone, all with their own set of particularities that prepare you to enter ministry in the way you feel most called.

Online seminary degrees allow you to study from home, without having to move or quit your job. This can be particularly useful if you’re preparing for leadership in a particular church you’re already committed to, and it can especially help if you have a family to care for.  Most online seminary degree programs also allow students to work at their own pace depending on their work and family situation.

Some of these online seminary degree programs require a certain number of on-campus credits or a few intensive visits. However, many of them are set up to allow students to complete them from start to finish without ever needing to travel.

Here’s where you can find a list of all these online seminary degrees. If you know of one we missed, please let us know in the comments!

The list of online masters degrees

Here you can find a directory of all the online masters seminary degrees. There’s a huge variety, and we’re still adding to the list as new programs emerge and schools begin to offer online programs that they previously only offered on campus. Scroll through to get a quick view of what the purpose of the degree is, and which schools offer it.

The online masters seminary degrees are listed alphabetically with one exception: you’ll find the MDiv right up at the top.

1. Online Master of Divinity (MDiv)


An MDiv was the first and is the most common academic degree in seminaries and divinity schools. There are many schools that offer MDiv options online. Here are several:

  • Western Seminary
  • Moody Theological Seminary
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Grand Canyon University
  • New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Liberty University
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Luther Rice Seminary
  • Wayland Baptist University
  • Northwest Nazarene University
  • Chicago Theological Seminary
  • Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • RockBridge Seminary
  • Bethel Seminary
  • Regent University School of Divinity

We’ve written a much more in-depth article on the best online MDiv programs, where you can more about schools that offer online MDiv degrees and what sets the programs apart from one another.

Master of arts online seminary degrees

There are a wide variety of master of arts degrees offered online. Here are some of the programs to be aware of, along with schools that offer them.

2. Online Master of Arts in Applied Biblical Studies (MAABS)


The MAABS is a degree is designed to enhance students’ ability to interpret both the Old and New Testaments. We’ve only identified one seminary offering this degree online.

3. Online Master of Arts (Biblical Studies)  (MABS)


The MABS, or Master of Arts in Biblical Studies, is a degree designed to prepare students for doctoral work in biblical studies. It helps students specialize in Bible, biblical interpretation, and theology. This degree involves original language study and theological research. Here are the seminaries that offer an online version of the MABS.

Online Master of Arts (Biblical Theology Studies) (MABTS)


MABTS is a two-year degree that provides core biblical studies, theology, and spiritual formation for ministry leaders. These are the seminaries that offer a Master of Arts in Biblical Theology Studies online.

4. Online Master of Arts in Counseling (MAC)


The MAC degree prepares students to become licensed counselors and/or a licensed marriage and family therapists. We’ve identified one seminary offering the Master of Arts in Counseling degree online:

5. Online Master of Arts (Christian and Classical Studies) (MACCS)


The MACCS degree is designed to recreate a traditional liberal arts education from a Christian perspective. We’ve found one seminary that offers the Master of Arts in Christian and Classical Studies online:

6. Online Master of Arts in Christian Education (MACE)


The MACE degree program provides theological and biblical education for vocational administrators or teachers in Christian schools, or leaders in all types of Christian ministries. Three seminaries offer the Master of Arts in Christian Education online:

7. Online Master of Arts in Christian Leadership (MACL)


The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership helps students prepare to become leaders in ministry settings. These settings range from non-profits to the local church to parachurch organizations, missions, and more.

8. Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry (MACM)


The MACM trains students with biblical training and ministry experience for serving both inside and outside the church. Four seminaries offer the Master of Arts in Christian Ministry online.

9. Online Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MACMHC)


The MACMHC program equips students to practice as professional counselors by providing academic and experiential background from a Christian perspective. One online program for the Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is available.

10. Online Master of Arts in Church Planting (MACP)


The MACP equips students to plant churches by giving them relevant theological and practical training. This degree can prepare them to plant churches in a variety of different cultures. We have found two schools offering the Master of Arts in Church Planting seminary degree completely online.

11. Online Master of Arts (Christian Studies) (MACS)


The MACS degree enables students for Christian service by providing them with theological study and reflection.  This degree does not prepare students for ordained ministry or doctoral study. We’ve located two seminaries providing the Master of Arts in Christian Studies online.

12. Online Master of Arts in Discipleship and Christian Formation (MADCF)


The MADCF degree prepares future church leaders to serve the church by making disciples. It is suitable for students pursuing a variety of ministry roles. Our research has only revealed one seminary to be offering the Master of Arts in Discipleship and Christian Formation online.

13. Online Master of Arts in Global Studies (MAGS)


The MAGS program was created to prepare students to serve and evangelize in mission fields—both local and international. One school, to our knowledge, offers the Master of Arts in Global Studies degree completely online.

14. Online Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies (MAICS)


The MAICS provides students with the theological and sociological training they need to serve in cross-cultural or multicultural contexts. We have identified three seminaries with a fully online version of the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies program.

15. Online Master of Arts in Missional Leadership (MAML)


16. Online Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling (MAPC)


This MAPC degree program prepares students to become pastoral clinicians: people who can give counseling and therapy in faith-based contexts. The program combines studies from psychological theory and theology. Two seminaries offer the Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling entirely online.

17. Online Master of Arts in Religion (MAR)


The MAR degree program prepares students for many forms of lay ministry or service by providing them with systematic theology studies, biblical studies, and Christian history studies. Two seminaries provide this degree program 100% online.

18. Online Master of Arts in Religious Studies (MARS)


The MARS degree focuses on the academic study of religion in a concentrated period of time.  It is designed for those in non-ministry professions. We’ve found one seminary offering this degree entirely online.

19. Online Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation (MASF)


20. Online Master of Arts in Theology MA(Th)


The MA(th) program is geared towards individuals students who want to develop skills and knowledge in the study and interpretation of Scripture. One school provides this seminary degree entirely online.

21. Online Master of Arts in Theological Studies (MATS)


Four seminaries offer a Master of Arts in Theological Studies 100% online.

22–27. Other online seminary MA programs

There are a variety of more unique MA programs at various seminaries offered online. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Other online masters seminary degrees

While there are a huge variety of master of arts degrees offered online at seminaries, that doesn’t cover all the different specialty masters degrees available. Here are even more.

28. Online Maestría en Estudios Teológicos (MET)


The MET degree is an MTS degree (Master of Theological Studies), but entirely in Spanish.  One seminary offers the MET degree 100% online.

29. Online Master of Ministry (MMin)


30. Online Master of Ministry Leadership (MML)


The Master of Ministry Leadership degree is designed for those who already have a bachelors and are serving in a ministry role (whether in church, or elsewhere). The degree focuses on developing a person’s skills in leadership and service, specifically toward the end of local church ministry.  It can be completed in two years.

31. Online Master of Religious Education (MRE)


The MRE is a program designed to prepare individuals for teaching, and to enable students to fill positions requiring familiarity with church education. We’ve identified one seminary offering this degree entirely online.

32. Online Master of Theological Studies (MTS)


The MTS, a flexible degree that allows for many electives, prepares students for doctoral studies in theology. This degree provides students with theological knowledge for teaching, administration, or further study.

We’ve identified online MTS degrees from the following seminaries:

  • Calvin Theological Seminary
  • Church Divinity School of the Pacific
  • Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary
  • Gateway Seminary
  • Iliff School of Theology
  • Lexington Theological Seminary
  • Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Multnomah University
  • Newman University
  • New Orleans Baptist Seminary
  • Pacific School of Religion
  • Palmer Theological Seminary
  • Pentecostal Theological Seminary
  • Regent University
  • Santa Clara University Jesuit School of Theology
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Tyndale Seminary
  • United Theological Seminary
  • University of Dallas Neuhoff School of Ministry

Get more information about these programs in our complete list of online MTS degrees, including program descriptions, ATS accreditation status, and links to the programs.

33. Online Master of Theology degree (ThM)


Whether you’re a pastor looking to sharpen your understanding of a particular theological area or you’re still exploring your options in ministry, a ThM degree could be the next step for you. Many ThM programs lead into specializations or emphases, allowing you to customize your education based on your gifts and calling.

The following schools have online ThM degrees:

  • Liberty University
  • The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Toronto Baptist Seminary
  • Regent College
  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • Cornerstone University
  • Southern California Seminary
  • Regent University School of Divinity

Learn more about online ThM degrees.

Online doctorate degrees

34. Online Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


The DMin is designed for people already in ministry. The degree equips pastors and ministry leaders with increased leadership skill, theological discernment, and ability to minister.

Do you know of any completely-online seminary degree programs I missed? Please let us know in the comments!

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